Outdoor public space

We are proposing to significantly enhance the outdoor public space at the front of the library.

We recognise that the community values this space as one of the few of its kind in central Shenfield. But we feel it can be even better.

Our proposals include a larger seating area, which will retain the existing memorial benches. The area faces into the library, making it more functional and a greater part of the library’s day-to-day life. There will also be the potential to open up the children's library area for outdoor events.

We also understand the value many residents attach to many of the existing trees on the site. We intend to protect the healthy, mature trees and only remove any if being replaced with a more appropriate species.

Our proposals include two options for the outdoor public space. We’d like to know which you prefer.

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  • Which option do you prefer for the outdoor public space?

Option A

  • New landscaping designed to complement the library building and its use.
  • Garden space with new tree and ornamental planting to create intimate space to rest and read.
  • Hornbeam hedge encloses the garden area and creates a soft boundary to the path and road.
  • Library entrance designed with a square feel, creating a space which opens up onto Hutton Road.
  • Entrance to parking area and entrance to residential space enhanced with ornamental planting and trees.
  • Climbing plants will serve as 'green walls' to break up large areas of brick elevations.
  • Beech tree at the back of the building and silver birch tree group at the front to be retained as key features.
  • Fastigiate oaks and cherry trees to be planted to replace other low quality existing trees.

Option B

  • Library entrance and outside space treated with feature paving.
  • Entrance to the library is framed by new trees and ornamental planting.
  • Space outside the library separated from the path by a zig-zag hedge with seating.
  • To the east, new trees will frame the building and ornamental planting areas divide the public and commercial spaces.
  • Feature trees and shrubs frame the entrance to the car park.
  • The beech tree at the back of the building will form part of a new small garden area for staff members.


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